Thoughtful Planet 2

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Thoughtful Planet 2

Date: Wednesday 27th of June - Sunday 30th of September
Standard Times
Room: Gallery

Thoughtful Planet 2 is a multi-disciplinary exhibition displaying artistic responses to our environmental crisis. The collection is reflective, thought-provoking and imaginative; artists have explored climate change, environmental political issues and our consumerist culture, within their practice.


June - Sept 2018// free entry


For decades environmentalists have campaigned about the consequences of mass consumption of the earth resources, our destructive behaviour and disregard for nature, and how this is impacting on our planet. 


The recent documentary TV series Blue Planet has been a cultural phenomenon highlighting damages to our environment and underlining simple actions to change our  ways. Now, the public is more conscious to reduce the use of plastic, recycle our waste more effectively and manufacture with a focus towards reusable materials. 


Here at Thought Foundation environmentalism and ethical craftsmanship is a huge element of our ethos.  Last year, Thought Foundation showcased their first exhibition titled Thoughtful Planet, highlighting environmental issues through art, creativity and events. The exhibition was well received and with increasing awareness of these issues Thought Foundation has curated Thoughtful Planet 2.


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