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25th June 2020 | Gareth

Sorry we haven’t been in touch in a while… strange times for sure.

As per government guidelines it looks like cafes and galleries would be able to open from 4th July, however we have made the decision (based on finances and staffing) not to open at the moment. Team TF are constantly reviewing this and will update you end July/August.

We hope everyone is well and enjoying the sun whilst its lasts.

In the meantime please also check out our TF digital exhibition in collaboration with Durham University… heaps of good quality affordable art…


Closed but Open

17th March 2020 | Charlotte

Leanne and Gareth Here…

We never thought we would have to post this but for the foreseeable future Thought Foundation will be closing our doors. After hours of discussions with our team and taking heed from the government we have made the decision to close as of tomorrow, until further notice.

We are a hub for our community, we love supporting you guys and sharing our space with you, but ultimately we want everyone to be safe and healthy. We think this is the most responsible thing to do to protect our community and what’s why we need to close.

We will be supporting our staff as best we can.

We are, however open to suggestions, if you think there is anyway we can help the community let’s start the conversation here… it’s good to talk.

Don’t be a stranger stay in touch via facebook, twitter, instagram or email, we will be replying.

If you have booked a workshop/event/room, you will be hearing from us shortly, we will be refunding and postponing activities.

We will open again at the earliest opportunity.






The People's Street Art Gallery

17th March 2020 | Charlotte

After the announcement of our temporary closure, our community have come up trumps with innovative ways to bring happiness. Our lush artist friend Megan Randall has suggested a street gallery, which we love the idea of!

So here is what we suggest… you or a family member make a drawing, painting, collage, sculpture, then pop it in your window, stick it onto the glass or hang it from the fixings. Give your piece of art pride of place in the People Street Art Gallery.

Here are some inspirational ideas to start your art.

- Create a collage self-portrait in the style of Picasso, use old magazines and scrap paper… imperfect is perfect and cutting out is really therapeutic.

- Do a line drawing of a tree, maybe include the roots, take your time and capture the detail. It’s always best to look at the thing you are drawing for inspo, so if you can’t see a tree, a houseplant is a great place to start. All you need is paper and pencil (make sure it is sharp).

- Have a look at the work of Yayoi Kusama and get busy with repetitive dots and vivid, clashing colours, felt tips are great to use for this (a great stress reliever)

Remember nobody is judging you, it’s just a bit a fun, something else to focus on in these strange times. And it might really brighten someone else’s day when they walk passed your window, if people don’t pass-by then think of your post human who will love it… we are sure of it!

Share photos of your contribute here.